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Input On Resume

Hi all! I'm trying to write up a resume. I'm mainly aiming for modelling work and, as you may have guessed, this is the first time I've ever had to write something like this up so I'm more than a little bit stuck. :( Help from somebody who has done this sort of thing before. I'm aiming to keep things short and sweet. I've seen some resumes where people just seem to have chucked everything on there and it just looks, well, messy! But, then again, I'm reasonably new at all this. I've done little things in the past so the problem is they are few and far between. Some input, please?

The layout for this could use some serious work, I know. At the moment, I'm more looking for help with the content but, of course, any layout suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Name: ***********

Age: 20

Address:  ## Street, Town, County, Postcode

Home Phone: ##########

Mobile Phone: ##########


Height: 5ft8

Bust: 32B

Waist: 25 Inches

Hips: 35 Inches

Dress Size: U8

Shoe Size: UK7

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

 Have I missed something out?



Signed with **************  in (town) since January 2007


Training and Qualifications-


6 months of ballet classes at (name of dance school) I don't have any official qualifications and these classes are drop-in casual style classes. However, I'm aim towards doing my exams within the next year. Is it worth mentioning this or not?

GCSE Drama at grade A – achieved in August 2003

(Name of Performing Arts School and its location)1997-2003. Received bronze, silver and gold medals for long attendance and an award for most improved student.




Various shoots for photographer’s portfolios throughout early 2005. Photographers include (names of  four photographers who still use my images in their portfolios) My freelance work was only of quite a small scale, but some photographers did use me in their portfolios . However, the first thing my agent told me to do upon signing was to re-do my portfolio as , apparently, these images are up to the right standard. Is this worth including?

I've also had little bits and pieces published in local newspapers but that's always to do with because I wrote a pretty poem or got good exam results and they just wanted a photo of me (because I'm just soooo cool!). Something tells me this is really scraping the barrel but would anybody else consider putting this on their resume?


Live and Stage Performance-


Gladys in The Rainbow Juggler at (same Performing Arts school as in training section) in 1999 Yes, this was ages ago. But this was part of a 100 simultaneous perfomances thing which got into the Guniness World of Records book. Is it worth keeping?

I also did a number of other drama perfomances. But all of them were before 2002, on a small scale and I'll be damned if I can remember all of them accurately. Not worth bringing up, right?

I was also in my school choir and was actually in a Chamber Choir arrangement for this at one point. But, the thing is, the women who ran it hated my guts (I had other committments, was a sickly child and had to keep canceling last minute) and I don't really want to get into singing anyway (one too many bouts of serious colds has destoryed my singing voice for good, sadly) so is there any point in bringing this up?




The girlfriend in student film Inner Conflict. Filmed in 2005. This was an amazing little film. But we have a problem: I don't get along that well with the guy who directed it...well, not anymore. We had a bit of a falling out about 5 months after the film was made and haven't spoken since. Can I still put this on here?

I've also done various extras work. But again, this was all pre-2002. Plus, they all either ended up on the editing room floor or I wish they would have ended up on the editing room floor (seriously, one is a still shot of me mid-sneeze!!). However, I can accurately remember the dates and names of the productions.Any point in bringing this up?

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